Friday, June 30, 2006

Lunch with the newspaper people. Quite a gathering. All still talking of escape, and inept management and the usual daily gripes, as I did for a long time. Latest news is that the press is closing down (re-locating on the southbank of the Humber). Redundancies, then, for the real workers on the site, the folk that get blathered in ink every day and those associated with the manual end of things. We took advantage of the newspaper people's two-for-one lunch vouchers, bagging a pair of nice veggie sausage sarnies coated in mustard, and made small talk, loud talk and watched newpaper people eat. Nice. Later, met an actor friend about a writing project, sitting in the sunshine and drinking a fancy continental beer in a sexily blown glass, thinking myself lucky that I didn't have to return to the sweat shop along with all the others.

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