Monday, June 05, 2006

A right Turkey

Back from a week in blisteringly hot Turkey. It certainly eased the comedown from the glorious reaction to Sully. It certainly added a few pounds to my bodyweight. It certainly made me make friends with Turks, who are an incredibly friendly bunch keen to ply visitors with gallons of Efes beer. But the hol got off to a somewhat shaky start - I was detained for carrying a bag that contained traces of explosives. I kid you not. There was a good bit of intense questioning, which got more intense when I tried to ease the situation by pointing out I'd worked as a journalist, and yet more strange when I realised I had no recollection about where the bag and myself had been over the last three months. Eventually, after much swabbing of the offending bag (on the right) with some mysterious detection device, we were allowed to go without so much as an anal inspection. What a relief. And a word of warning to anyone who may have purchased the same bag from Next recently, as, we concluded with security staff who should be applauded for their due diligence, it was obviously manufactured by terrorists adept at crafting things with a needle and cotton. I'll be writing more about Turkey and Sully over the next few days, you'll be depressed to know. Although the real job in hand is working out what my next move should be, and how I'll generate some income over the next few weeks. Any ideas?

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Anonymous said...

Great to have you back sir; with a potential bang in your bag and not a whimper