Friday, June 09, 2006

The view from Hull...

It's started! So, with a long road ahead of me, I started slowly, consuming just two cans of lager, a packet of sour apple Chewits, two tiny Wam! bars and a Refresher during 180 minutes of action. So much for my predictions but mightily impressed with those nifty Ecuadorians. And I spit on the German defence - good heavens, they're in trouble. Anyway, pathetically unlikely predictions for day two of the 2006 FIFA World Cup - England 2 Paraguay 0; Trinidad & Tobago 2 Sweden 2; Argentina 4 Cote d'Ivoire 0.

As if I don't have enough diversions in my life, I started new blog The View From Hull which is an excuse to write gibberish about the music that keeps me company on those long, hot nights. I might keep it up, I might review material from the dozens of Hull bands that have a presence ... or I may never post to it again. Still, it kept me busy between football games.

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