Thursday, July 13, 2006

Al fresco...

This blog post comes to you from my somewhat overgrown rear garden, where I sit drinking from a chilled bottle of Schwaben Brau Pilsner and am enjoying a staggeringly slow 5.5Mbits/second wireless connection. Ah, yes, I've moved class outside today and, my, I'm shocked to be able to hook up to t' net and do this. Inspired by the blue skies have written a couple of song lyrics for my supermarket musical - the show we planned to take to Edinburgh but will now be taking next year and, fingers crossed, previewing in this fine city before the end of this year. Earlier, nipped to Beverley and swanned around for a couple of hours and bought Josie Dew's travel book A Ride in the Neon Sun, which I'm about to start reading if the Rottweiler next door promises not to bark.

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