Thursday, July 20, 2006

Best laid plans of mice and men...

Co-writing's never really worked for me. So I was quite surprised, when an actor friend turned up to work on a crazy idea that I've got half an interest in, that we managed to crack on rapidly and, within a couple of hours fuelled by coffee, turn out seven pages. As we said at the end of the night, it's seven pages destined for the dustbin. But seven pages; quite an impressive effort for the first writing session. See, the three years of planning* this project were worthwhile. We meet again next week to co-write some more. Meanwhile, having written all the lyrics for the supermarket musical, I'm busying myself taking photographs in and around the city and writing a piece about a property investor who comes a cropper when he tries to buy a squat.

Interviewed down the pub today for a profile piece that's going in the Yorkshire Post. Lots of chat about leaving the newspaper behind and the Sully experience and what's next. Quite daunting stuff, having to talk about a future that's all somewhat unclear, and I'm not sure I'm worthy of such attention just yet. But media whores like me find it hard to say no. It's very tricky trying to be articulate about what you do when you've got one eye on not coming across like a pretentious twat and another on saying something worth quoting. No doubt when it's in print I shall curl up into a ball and hide for a while.

*A lie. But we did do some planning. I can't overstate the importance of planning. Please plan. It's important.

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