Monday, July 10, 2006

Boyz 'n the "hoodie"

Is it me or has the world, well, gone completely freaking, like, crazy, dude? David Cameron, Tory head honcho, is telling the country that we need to learn to love those that wear "hoodies". A move that should be applauded but that will, apparently, draw sulky faces from the Home Office and a response, such as shooting those wearing hoodies, from the Government and those termed the "Tory right wing" but who I prefer to think of as fascists. Are these people losing sight that a "hoodie" is merely an item of clothing, a young person's cardigan, no less, rather than a weapon? Maybe I'm over-simplifying this long-raging debate? But this, from The Independent, is the funniest thing I've read today...

Cameron says Britain must learn to love the 'hoodie'

By Colin Brown

The Tory leader David Cameron is standing by his call for Britain to learn to love teenagers who adopt "hoodies" as part of their fashion culture. His remarks were attacked by the Home Office and were expected to draw criticism from the Tory right wing.

But Mr Cameron's advisers said he was not backing down on the speech he will make today and pointed out that David Davis, the shadow Home Secretary, has spoken in similar terms when "hoodies" were banned from Bluewater, the shopping centre in Kent.

"There will be some on the right who don't like it but we think this is a very important issue," said an aide to the Tory leader. "Hoodies are a symptom, not the cause of the problem."

Read the full hilarious article here.

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