Saturday, July 15, 2006


Pair of street preachers in Hull city centre, in a space between those temples of worship McDonald's and Starbucks. They looked like they could have been a couple and they took it in shifts to rant like absolute loons whilst the other soothed their raspy throat with a bottle of Evian. They uttered questions such as "Why don't we worship the Lord? "Why is there so much evil?" and pointed out, by way of explanation, that "When Jesus walked the earth so did preachers just like us". Much of the rest was pretty indecipherable. They drew quite a crowd. At one point, when the male half of the duo was in full flow, a young chap bounced a football off his forehead and walked off, laughing, while Mr Preacher, who must soak his forehead in vinegar in case of such a turn of events, just carried on. A woman stopped outside Macs and told her two young daughters, "I don't mind religion but there's a time and a place and this isn't it". Presumably she thought it took the shine off all the people round the corner running a mile for Sport Relief.

[Image from The Register]

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Stephen Newton said...

Touring in Cornwall last year, we came across a group of young (student age) evangelists twice (which was unfortunate). They pulled the old trick of having a member of the crowd suddenly convert before our eyes and join them. The thing was they obviously took it in turns as the second time we came across them roles were reversed.

Even more amusing on the second occasion they were aggressively heckled by a group of elderly holidaymakers who left them clearly rattled.