Sunday, July 30, 2006


Well, here I am again, with a complete and utter disregard for the vegetarian readership of Killing Time. We were invited to a Hog Roast out in the wilds of the East Riding last night. And, although I had reservations about watching a pig spinning around roasting in front of my very eyes, mainly because I'm no fan of filthy, disgusting pork, we embraced the event. And so did quite a lot of other people, who all turned up to revel in one beast's misery and then eat a bit of it. Actually, there was a real feast on offer and a lot more besides pork. As odd as it might seem, vegetarians were also well and truly catered for by my mate Steve, brother of the hog roast organiser, and a vegetarian himself, who had done wonderful things with lentils and rice. Steve's dad informed us all that the pig had been a happy pig in its day, reared organically and killed humanely, which helped as we all tucked in with the head of the animal looking on, by then sans ears as the family dog was eating them. After we'd had our fill of pork and crackling the guitars and a piano accordian came out and we realised that we couldn't really remember how to play any tunes that anyone would recognise, so just played the blues and ad-libbed lyrics about bacon into the night. Good fun it was, although I doubt I'll be eating pork ever again. Bring on the chickens and cows!

Listening: Lenny Bruce - The Berkeley Concert / The Carnegie Hall Concert

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