Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Something to aspiral to...

An amazing insight into the world of rapping last night on Big Brother. "Spiral is in the garden, where he has been composing a rap for five minutes". They showed a very interesting clip of Spoiral at work, free-forming his lyrical wizardry, rhyming words such as bread with head, etc etc etc. Of course, five minutes is nothing and this was only a work in progress and a formative rap taken completey out of context. But it was shit. A rapper with a silent c, that's Spoiral (the name, incidentally, in case you've not been watching, comes from a slip mat that Spoiral once watched spinning around a turntable, which was decorated with a spiral pattern. "There's no music without the Spoiral, gettit?" he pointed out to a lot of housemates that weren't interested). Meanwhile, Glyn thrilled all with his tale that in Wales chairs are regularly given out as competition prizes and he once won a chair by plagiarising a passage out of a book. Eh? Sorry for blogging about the telly, but what am I supposed to do? I'm a writer that only comes out at night. In other telly news, we've been watching old episodes of Roseanne (series 2) which is a million times better than most, if not all, comedy on the box at the moment (which is pretty much all clips of the halcyon days of funny business, voiced by Stephen Fry, who's become the new Jimmy Carr. Where's a decent sit-com at?).

There's an interesting blog post on CNN by producer Dave Doss, informing us how news is gathered during times of conflict and explaining how legions of journalists, who are no doubt bigger in number than Hezbollah, avoid becoming targets. "When we fire up our broadcast signals it is unclear what we look like to Israeli military monitoring stations...the hope is that the Israelis would identify it as media signals, and not Hezbollah rocket electronics," says Doss. I have a tip - don't go to a fucking war zone. No, really, can't this stuff be syndicated to minimise risking the lives of thousands of truth glory seekers? Isn't the reason we're so desensitised to all those pictured of missing limbs and towns completely obliterated due to the saturation coverage? Less is more and all that.

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