Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Time for a J Arthur...

Taking photographs of the city. Some mad idea I've got to combine prose with images; probably won't come to anything. Certainly not if the first day of image grabbing is anything to go by. Bumped into a chap called Jim Brown, who runs Hull Boys' Club. He was stood in the doorway while I was snapping the exterior. "What you up to?" "Taking photographs." "What for?" "I've got some daft idea about combining words with pictures. I'm a writer." "A writer? I know that John Godber. He was in here using the ring when he did that wrestling thing." "Oh". Jim gave me a book. I invited myself back when I've digested the book's contents. "I'll give you a tour," he said, with a hint in his gold tooth that he'll probably have me taking on the heavy bag and sparring with a handy fighter.
I ended up down by the old pier. It's a nice spot, these days, frequented by skateboarders and old men with dogs. Not a ferry across the Humber in sight. Then it was to St Andrew's Quay, which used to be a fish dock. There was one bloke fishing with a rod at the now blocked entrance to the old St Andrew's Dock. Look one way and there's the 'future' of Frankie & Bennies, PC World, Comet and Starbucks, look the other and there are a lot of dilapidated buildings that the city once relied on.
As I drove back down Holderness Road I stopped to photograph the place where J Arthur Rank was born, now inhabited by smackheads and drunks. Just like Hollywood.

Listening: Johnny Cash - A Hundred Highways.

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