Saturday, July 29, 2006

Toilet stop...

A long walk by the side of the Humber, all part of my ongoing appreciation of the waterways around these parts. This time I took my three kids and attempted to get them enthused about Hull's riverside heritage, waxing lyrical about fish smacks and docks and dead trawlermen. "Can't we just catch the bus?" they said, as we ambled towards The Deep on a public right of way that takes pedestrians by the side of the docks and, via a bridge, over rooftops. "No, come on, big strides," responded father, "and look at these fascinating warehouses and all that rotting timber." After trotting across a set of lock gates we bumped into a bus load of ladies exiting some award-winning gents toilets close to Hull's pier. "They're looking at the architecture," explained their driver, while we waited for them to get out so we could pass urine in peace whilst looking at plants. They had travelled from Manchester to see this. Then we sat and drank cola and ate chocolate muffins before heading back to the car, which was parked a mere 90 minute stroll away.

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