Friday, July 14, 2006

Violence followed by refreshments...

Came round first thing watching John Woo's The Killer, which was a pleasant enough way to wake up, although, despite it being a "Collector's Edition", still doesn't fit on a television screen. I feared I might be adversely influenced by such a high level of on-screen violence but the lack of decent panning and scanning and weaponry ensured that I didn't immediately head on a Chow Yun Fat-style gun in each hand killing spree. The closest I came to it was spilling some of my instant coffee on the coffee table and splashing the DVD cover, thus leading to a stain that will, I'm sure, disappear with time.
Headed into town and, after sharing a big dish of tortillas coated in melted cheese and jalapenos, went to meeting re the supermarket musical and another project outside a city centre-ish ale house in the brilliant sunshine. Not conditions fully conducive to productivity, although it was just a meet to hand over new lyrics and set things up for the future (a meeting about meetings! How professional!) and make sure we're still moving in the right direction. And, as well as eating a Pepperami Hot, drink a pint of Erdinger from an aerodynamically streamlined glass. Before we started I bumped into the famous Tommy Tuttle, the Hull Daily Mail's legendary post room sentry - and, thus, a man who has sent and gathered quite a lot of my correspondence in the past. He told me he always nips for two on a Friday and the pub in question is great because "it's not full of dickheads bothering you". We had a chat and then I moved on, so as not to bother him.
Bought the new Murakami short story collection, was treated to an Olympic swimming pool-sized 'massimo' cappuccino in Costa Coffee, meandered into a couple of el cheapo £1 shops in a pointless quest to find a CD wallet and then met M, who also had meetings today re her work. Proper meetings, that involve getting paid, unlike my speculative creativity.

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