Thursday, August 03, 2006

Blowing someone else's trumpet...

At last, the wait is over, a television show worth watching (okay, there are others. M would urge you all to watch House, and you can't go wrong with the re-runs of Curb Your Enthusiasm while you're waiting for the fifth series to air over here. And there's natural talent Brand on Big Brother's Big Mouth). So, well done, again, Armando Iannucci, and may the good Lord bless you for bringing your Time Trumpet to the small screen - a weird satire meets a pastiche of crap like I Love [insert appropriate year here] that is 'set' in the future but looks at events of today. It's marvellous. There are distorted older versions of current celebrities (Ant & Dec, Jamie Oliver) and invented celebrities of the future (footballer turned actor David Sant), all talking about Blair, David Cameron and, bizarrely, David Beckham's vagina implant and the time Charlotte Church exploded. It is, as you'd expect from Iannucci, very clever, very funny stuff (it's visually exciting too). And, as all the best satire does, it's already making a stink.

Had a lovely veggie curry at M's parents tonight and I ate a lot of it to make amends for eating that pig the other day. Yes, that's the twisted logic of a meat eater for you, but there you go. The comedy co-writing went well last night, did a fair chunk of work in a couple of hours and it seems to be a partnership that's working, although it's totally at odds with the way that I usually work - for a start I'm not rewarding myself with a snack every time I write a funny line, nor pacing the room for a longer period of time than I sit at the keyboard.

Reading: Hunter S Thompson - Fear & Loathing on the Campaign Trail

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