Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Browsing through the brochure for Hull New Theatre. Commercial theatre is baffling - who goes to this nonsense? I know thousands of people do but it's very confusing for little old me to comprehend, what with some tickets pushing close to £30. So, make way for The Real Diamond (a Neil Diamond tribute), Magic of Manilow (a Manilow tribute) and not one but two Elvis shows -The Elvis Collection and This is Elvis. My favourite, though, is an amateur production coming our way, courtesy of Hessle Theatre Company, in March 2007: Titanic The Musical. Eh? What? Whatever next? Middle East Conflict The Hip Hop Remix? July 7 Underground The Ballet? Chernobyl The Interactive Conga? Tokyo Sarin Gas Attacks The Surtitled Travelogue? Nagasaki & Hiroshima - The Comedy Rock Opera? Alan Bennett's The History Boys is probably the one I'll drag myself to if I can raise the funds. There are some hoardings around town promoting the stage production of Daphne Du Maurier's Rebecca. 'Star' Nigel Havers has managed to get his name in a bigger typeface than that of the play he's in.

Listening: Dylan - Modern Times / The Fratellis - The Fratellis.


Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to Chris Morris's Ripper: The Musical? Beautiful use of visuals, Mr W. I tremble to think of Robert Oppenheimer's theatrical bent laced with Harry S Truman's biting wit. When's the pitch?

Dave W said...

My people are talking to Oppenheimer's people right now. We'll probably stage it in Pearson's Park, just to piss the residents off.