Friday, August 18, 2006

Come on Aisleyne...

Who knows what Prescott said in a private meeting? It was a private meeting, after all. But I, for one, hope he did describe the Bush administration as crap and declare Bush a cowboy in a stetson. It's a shame Prescott has denied the use of the word crap in any context because it's a view to be applauded, not condemned. And, of course, stetson-clad cowboy-cum-war pig Bush deserves much, much worse.

The publicity wheels are spinning faster and faster for M's play. There's "award-winning TV-quality" video here and a nice story here. Go and buy a ticket. And when you've done that, vote for Aisleyne to win BB.

Should be a good weekend. We've got a party to go to tomorrow night, with an indie DJ providing the tunes. Then on Sunday we're going to the Grass Roots fandango in Hull, a free afternoon of music, art and dance and people who smell a bit.

Listening: The Cure - The Top / Pornography


gary barlow said...

Award winning TV quality my arse.

Dave W said...

Hence the ironic use of inverted commas, Gary. I never thought I'd ever agree with you, although I did like your hit Never Forget.