Sunday, August 27, 2006

Concrete jam...

Joined the baggy low-slung pants brigade for Hull's inaugural Concrete Jam, a blading/boarding/BMX competition with live music.

Some talented people out there risking their limbs - including one of the judges, who had to be taken to casualty with a suspected broken wrist after being persuaded to put down his paper and pen and take to his board. It was a lovely afternoon, a great visual spectacle and I hope it's the first of many for the organisers, who did all they could to whip the crowd into a frenzy. Naturally, there was a preponderance of underwear on show, rising above the descending waistlines of a hundred pairs of Dickies jeans. Check and tartan knickers are favoured by these gifted people, most of whom flew through the air with the greatest of ease. Or brought some strapping and bandages with them.

Spoke to Fidel, who played Sully in me play of the same name. He asked me what I was up to. "Right now, I'm watching Fight Club. I don't know why." "Really?" he says, "I've just been making an independent film about underground boxing." Weird.

Watching: Scum (both the TV and theatrical versions) / Fight Club

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Benjamin said...

Wow, Dave, that sounds like a lot of fun. Nice pictures too. That looks very smart x