Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Goin' Up Around The Bend...

My poor car. My poor, poor car. It must, in the eyes of its attacker, be dressed provocatively, it must be asking for it, it must have "hit me, hit me" scrawled all over it. For, once again, it has been clobbered by someone who has, subsequently, driven off without leaving any details. Bastards. In the past it has been the victim of a nasty hit and run when I parked it near the newspaper, requiring serious surgery to the driver's side. Fresh from the repair centre, it was hit, in the same spot, while nestling under the watchful eyes of the CCTV in a York Park & Ride. I went to Tescos in York one day and, going round the roundabout, someone failed to give way and drove into the back of it (another hit and run! I was about to stop, they drove off). Mysterious scratches have appeared on the rear bumper in recent weeks. My boot has been attacked by someone with pink nail varnish, daubing an area around the lock. And yesterday, after a very brief visit to Morrisson's, I came out to discover that someone had driven into the rear bumper, causing a very unpleasant dent. If I'd caused the damage myself, I could at least look at it and think, "Serves yourself right, loser". As it is, I just feel like a loser. I drive a tiny Toyota Yaris 'cos it's cheap to keep on the road and it doesn't churn out massive amounts of pollution. But any more wallops and I fear it may have to go to the scrap yard. Please, whoever you are, leave it alone.

So much for Windows Live Writer. It was great, I was thinking, you can do so much more with your images. Apart from upload them straight to Blogger. Back to the drawing board.

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