Monday, August 07, 2006

If you want to be a writer...

...don't attempt to make changes to your wireless network, as you'll waste a lot of time that could have otherwise be put to good use actually writing. All I wanted to do was share a few folders but, hours and hours and several restarts and visits to the Microsoft inappropriately-named Knowledge Base later, the network still remains as default intended, rather than how I want it. Oh well, I shall just have to keep moving around the house with my USB stick until I bite the bullet and opt to waste another day.

In other geeky technology news, it looks like it's time to find another P2P service, as Limewire's heading the way of Kazaa and Napster thanks to the Recording Industry Association of America, accusing Limewire of facilitating piracy. Here, the BPI is still after allofme.mp3 (hosted in Russia and a clunky service at that) as well as ISPs, and still fail to understand, or choose to ignore, the benefits of this technology due to their fear of change. Home taping was killing music once, remember? And now we're in the age of mp3s, wmas, burning and ripping it's file sharing (as opposed to doing a tape for your mate) that's to blame, rather than the over-inflated prices and greed of music companies.

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