Monday, August 14, 2006

It's only rock 'n' roll...

Keen for a fresh young suave dashing comic's eyes view of an old rock legend, I bought The Observer for the much touted When Russell Met Keith. Should've been titled When Russell Met Keith For 20 Seconds, Interrupted For The Most Part By A Photographer, such was the level of insight. Still, there's not much that hasn't been written about Keef, so I should've known. The flowery Dickensian language was nice, tho'. Felt much the same ambivalence towards part one the Radio 2 Stones documentary, which promised a lot but stretched out 20 minutes of material to an hour. Still, there's not much the Stones haven't said about each other already, so I should've known. Buy According To The Rolling Stones and leave it at that, if you're curious.

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