Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Have relocated. Am now working from a room upstairs, where there are less distractions, a proper desk and a mound of reference works and inspirational texts within easy reach. I hope that by doing this, and getting away from the gadgets and gizmos and easy access to the kitchen that the living room provides, I will be able to be more productive. The keyboard on this lap top is certainly superior to the touch than the cheap beast that lives downstairs and sitting in this 'office' chair for prolonged periods won't cause my dodgy back as much strain as slouching downstairs. So, have I been more productive on this first day in the new location? Well, no. I've been busy cleaning up the desktop, left in a total state of MSN Messenger frenzy by my children, have tidied up the staggering array of folders and files, have fixed various virus problems and discovered 206 adware programmes lurking on this very machine, courtesy of the quite fantastic (and free) Spybot: Search & Destroy. Now, with a clean(ish) machine, I'm ready to work! Have set about a new play, well, I started it yesterday - not a commissioned piece, just writing for writing's sake. A sinister three-hander. It will keep me busy until I know what's really next. Also got a nice email from a man at the Arts Council, telling me that an idea I've got for another play would most likely be eligible for some R&D money, which is enough impetus for me to explore the thing some more and attempt to get a theatre company interested in getting involved. See, it's not just gardening and runs to the tip.
Tonight I'm supposed to be co-writing some comedy. It's a funny old business, comedy. I don't feel in the least bit 'funny' right now and, should this state of mind continue, the night will be a total write-off.

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