Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Well, strike me down with a barrel of Alaskan oil, isn't petrol expensive today? I rolled up at the garage with my loose change and watched as the little wheels telling me how much unleaded petrol I was putting in the car spun in complete synch with those telling me how much I was spending (if you could use mobile phones in petrol stations I'd've provided video evidence). So, although the petrol was advertised at 99.9p per litre, it was costing me a nicely rounded quid, and the pricing was a mere illusion. With only a fiver of loose change, give or take 7p, to my name, and a journey across town later, the tank is almost empty again. Boo hoo.

Now, call me a geographical insular ignoramous if you can get three words out rapidly without the aid of an asthma pump, but I'd always assumed that there was only one River Humber, and it was that big muddy thing just at the top of the street. But, a shoddy bit of internet research leading me astray via the miracle of hyperlinks later, and I've become aware that there's another Humber, this one in Toronto. According to misinformation site Wikipedia, in 1954 Hurricane Hazel destroyed buildings, bridges and killed 32 people. So, it's not much of a residential area but, half a century on, it looks very nice. They've even got a Humber Bridge to call their own, which is no doubt much cheaper to cross than our toll-riddled version. [Humber Bridge photo taken from Banyan Leaves]

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