Monday, September 04, 2006


Steve Irwin dead? Who'll hunt the crocodiles now? Who'll say "crikey!"? Who'll promote Australia? Who'll carry babies into croc pens? Yes, it's a sad day indeed. Steve Crocodile Hunter Irwin, the host of The Crocodile Hunter, a man who was a crocodile hunter, is dead. Walloped in the chest, say the reports, by a stingray, and suffering a cardiac arrest as a result. Not a common way to leave planet earth for the crocodile compound in the sky, by all accounts. Stingrays only attack when they've been severely provoked. You don't think...Steve was annoying the stingray? No! The fool. It's hardly a surprise that a man that hunted crocodiles for his living as a crocodile hunter, presented to the world on the show The Crocodile Hunter, is dead, really. But one suspects that he'd have preferred to have been consumed whole by a croc rather than being assaulted by a big flat thing with a venomous spine and whipping tale. It was all being filmed as part of a documentary, so I will await at youtube with bated breath. RIP Irwin, you crazy bastard.

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