Wednesday, September 27, 2006


A scintillating couple of hours going through the proof of the play and circling the changes. The green background on the cover was also a bit too strong, I thought, so that's going to be changed to #E4EEC9, hexadecimal-fixated kids. Am on the radio a week tomorrow, so am hoping to get a bit of an early plug in for the published play, in the hope that I can shift more than the one copy to my mum. Although the real sales, if there are to be any, will no doubt occur when the play returns next year. By which time, I'm reckoning, my house will be full of boxes full of the things.

In other self flagellation news, our names have made their way into a nice new Hull Truck publicity leaflet, where we nestle alongside the more established and esteemed talents of Richard Bean, Amanda Whittington and Gordon Steel and a mere paragraph away from messrs Godber and Ayckbourn. It was a nice surprise, as was the invite to the theatre's Christmas party that dropped through the letterbox earlier today. Who will we end up sitting with?

Listening: Van Halen - Take Your Whiskey Home


Stephen Newton said...

Please provide a Pantone reference for the green. I can't quite see it.

Dave W said...

Hi Stephen. The Pantone reference is C:12%,M:1%,Y:26%,K:0%