Saturday, September 02, 2006

False flag...

Sat down with a fresh brew and watched the online documentary Terror Storm in its entirety. It's like hardcore, badly made Michael Moore but very, very interesting. Aside from the sensationalist comparisons with a certain A Hitler, Alex Jones seems to be a decent purveyor of the truth. Check it out at Terror Storm

Met some Angora Goats yesterday. My, they're fluffy creatures with a good look going on. But for some reason they were behind not one but two fences. Are Angora Goats violent bastards who'll have your genitals off within seconds? They didn't seem to be (although you'd never know if that's what they were after as you can't see their eyes through the wool). But we kept our distance, just in case they fancied their chances. They lived next door to a family of wallabies. The freedom of living in a field, being watered and fed and cared for, without having to worry about paying the credit card bill, must be something. Do you think we've got it wrong?

Listening: Kasabian - Empire. TV On The Radio - Return To Cookie Mountain.

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