Monday, September 25, 2006


Feeling my way towards this new play. I have a meeting to discuss all in a couple of weeks and, so far, it's just a collection of abstract sentences and addled thoughts. Feel as if I should go into the meeting with a clearer idea than I have ever had before, lest this career starts and ends with Sully. And also because I want the play to be mine, at least during the writing process, and the more I have to say on the subject the better. The subject matter, once again, doesn't lend itself too obviously to comedy. I like that - it means I have to work hard to find the laughs. So today I've met some new characters (some of them might have to go away), scribbled out a loose plot, had my nose in and out of The Tempest, got just a little bit closer to what I might end up writing. Which is just about where I should be right now.

Attempted to secure some short-term bill-paying employment with a leading recruitment agency. Needs must and all that and I'm not shy of a bit of work (aside from painting the front of the house). But apparently, and this is a first, my CV is too glittery and glamorous for such work. "You're obviously very creative," I was told, "the employers we deal with don't like that." Oh. I asked if I should have lied. But it was too late, her mind was made up, I'm just too good, in her eyes, to do menial work. Gizza job, someone?

Listening: Lil' Chris - Checking It Out / The Vines - Get Free. Watching (via You Tube): The Office - S3 ep1


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