Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Macho bed fellows - rugby & knitting...

So, the new cover for Sully. I think there's a balance been struck between the black and white and red and white club colours, taking on board the previous comments. Experimented with red washes but they all looked a bit girly and pink and not suited to a play about the 'man's' game of rugby league at all. Instead, went for something altogether neutral and picked out some red on Sully's HKR moments. Waiting for a proof copy of the full thing to land in my hands and then, when the changes have been made, it's going to be available to you and you and you. How exciting! Naturally, I expect this to be the moment when my reader tells me that the red cover was better.

Exciting times too over on Sharonsknitthings. My interest appears to have sparked a period of serious productivity for Sharon, of Michigan, USA. She's produced a quite exquisite baby sweater (I am assuming this is for Jerome, the lucky fella!) and, for the grandson of one of Sharon's many tennis buddies, a Vogue-influenced sea boat sweater. And, heck, there's the prestigious commission Sharon received from her friend Marcia to knit five, yes FIVE, sweaters! Those sweaters are going to take Colorado by storm! Please pay Sharon's blog a look as I'm sure you'll agree with me that these items are more than mere knitwear - they are Art with a capital A! These children are very blessed indeed to have such a talented knitter working the needles for them.

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