Monday, September 18, 2006


You blog hop, you get assaulted by all manner of nonsense. A click on the 'next' button in Blogger and you quickly realise it's all out there - blogs celebrating the work of Al Gore, blogs by fascists, crypto-fascists, neo-fascists, Catholic clerical fascists, third positivists, Islam-o-phobics, Islamic fundamentalists, left-leaning geeks, right leaning geeks, idealists, Ikea-lovers, fundamentally ideal Ikea-lovers, Maoists, Marxists, Leninists and Stalinists, anarachists, social anarchists, socialists, libertarian socialists, dog lovers, cat lovers, dildo lovers, eco warriors, eco haters, economists, capitalists, Baathists, penis enlargers, big corporations bastardisng Blogger, geeks removing the Blogger tool bar, Internationalists, Trade Unionists, state of the Unionists, 'adult' bloggers, blogs where you can buy Girls Bling Necklaces, new blogs, old blogs and a lot of shit blogs. But one of the most entertaining blogs I clicked my way towards last night was Sharonsknitthings, on which Sharon, from Michigan, USA, talks about the things that she knits. It's not a daily blog - in fact, Sharon's output is rather sporadic but, heck, she does a lot of knitting too and that keeps her away from the keyboard - but I read with awe and more than a pang of jealousy the March 2006 post about the new blue sweater Sharon knitted for her grandson. It darn well makes me want to pick up the needles myself. I especially loved it when Sharon pointed out, just in case we couldn't decide for ourselves when looking at the beautiful image, that "The sweater fits good, though it could be longer." Not half. Luckily, Sharon can "lengthen the sweater easily, since it's a top down pattern." Great news. I'd like it if Sharon could maybe redesign her blog to include a fantastic tag line that is actually taken from her own blog post this month: "These are busy times, with tennis, gardening, fishing, and of course KNITTING". Amen to that!

Listening: Gram Parsons - Whiskytown

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