Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Strolled around Hull's old riverside industrial zone. Not that there is much sense that anything remotely industrial is going on - just a load of mucky old decaying buildings and the odd waft of cocoa. The old warehouse of the British Extracting Co Ltd would make fantastic apartments if someone could get round to converting the place, although I don't fancy the fire escape. Dunno if you can see it in this scaled down version but I didn't have to Photoshop that big-winged bird into the top left of the frame, it just happened to be there.
After an hour of wandering aimlessly I went into The Bay Horse. Mainly because I'd never been in it. There are some houses close to the pub but there were just three customers, including me, and a barmaid who was thrilling one particular chap with tales of being so ill last weekend that she "wasn't fit for knackers", which I thought was a great expression. In the time it took me to drink my thirst-quenching lager the other two had hardly touched their drinks. Back when drinking was positively encouraged in this area as some kind of remedy for inhaling chemicals, dust, grain and cocoa powder it will have been brimming with customers pouring pint after pint down their necks but it surely can't even be worth opening on a lunch these days. Which is a shame as last week the barmaid apparently cancelled a doctor's appointment to do an extra daytime shift. The landlord wants her to work tomorrow. "But I'll be fucked if I'll cancel my hospital appointment," she added, making me fear for her health.
The pics are for this Life After Cod photoblog and word experience that I never get round to writing the words for. But when I got back home and looked at them on the laptop I wasn't too enamoured with the results. I'm craving a digital SLR so I can really go photo bonkers out in the wild. But I don't have the money for that. So, depressed at what I'd got in the outside world I decided to take some pics of my guitars. Again, the end results disappointed. Couldn't get the lighting right at all. Back to the drawing board. Or finishing this script I'm on with. Final scene, then I've got a first draft. Then I can print it out and put it away forever.

Listening: TV On The Radio - Young Liars.

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Benjamin said...

It's a fantastic day out really walking round Wincolmlee etc, isn't it? I mean they could have spent a fraction of the money on trying to make Hull look like every other city in the country hiring a pedestrian tour guide or two to show people around what makes it different.

And maybe they will. They did at one stage promise to do up the pathway along the East bank of the old docks, which I look forward to.