Sunday, September 24, 2006

Tantalising carrot...

Got back out there this morning and finished that painting. It started raining as soon as the paint brush was moved back and forth, but I ploughed on regardless. The problem with a cul-de-sac is external work paranoia - I really did feel as if all eyes were on me, and they were all wondering what the hell I was doing painting during a downpoar. But the sun eventually shone and the job's a good 'un. Bit of an old-fashioned lazy Sunday. Watched the quite dreadful but slightly humorous Fantastic Four with my two sons. Eldest son abandoned his own DVD after 60 of the 101 minutes to hit his PS2, but we perservered. The moral was don't get caught in a cosmic storm or, if you do, use the after-effects for good, not evil, and try and avoid being the one that ends up as The Thing if you can. Then it was listening to Hull KR head into their Grand Final with the tantalising prospect of Super League rugby the carrot being dangled in front of them. It would be great to resume the old rivalry and have two teams from the city playing in the top flight. The traditional Sunday roast was replaced by chilli con carne.

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