Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Down by the Humber. Again. Strange, walking by the side of this muddy, murky estuary always makes me feel sad and blue and melancholy. Partly, I suppose, because there's never anybody else around. Looking at all the rotting jetties and rail tracks going nowhere I get gripped by these thoughts that a big part of Hull has just been allowed to slide away into the water. Why wasn't there any fight to hang on to all the industry that this area used to be packed with? Instead, some bright spark built a 'village' around, about and on top of what used to be docks. But it's not a village, just a weird, 21st century facsimile of what someone in an architects' office thinks a village should be - which translates into lots of cramped apartments with French balconies and a Spar supermarket. There's a pub - The Timber Dock - which is a very soulless establishment. But it all feels like such a waste of something incredibly important.

Took the proof to show a few people, all of whom were impressed by the real book-like qualities the publication possessed. I think I may be on to a winner.

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