Thursday, October 05, 2006

Empty Bar...

Didn't go in to the Courtyard at the West Yorkshire Playhouse. Instead, sat in the bar. With the bar staff and a DJ, who was playing cool jazz sounds as the mirror ball spun, my only company. Until, that is, the interval for To Kill A Mockingbird, playing in the Quarry auditorium, started, at which point 1,000 people burst into the bar and were rather boisterous for 20 minutes. By which time M's interval was underway. The play, she said, was a rather dull affair full of gunfire. As that interval drew to a close two women, quite inexplicably, started baking a cake on a trestle table that had been set up in the corner. Bloody performance artists are everywhere these days. Back to Leeds again today, so M can talk about How Many Miles To Basra? with her fellow 49 and be lectured by the likes of Gill Adams and Kay Mellor. Me? I'll just be wandering up and down the Headrow.

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