Sunday, October 22, 2006

Mild sex scenes...

Had to get an idea into shape for a theatre as someone's expecting to read it tomorrow. So that was today's leisure time gone. No time for the dull minutiae of my existence to be documented with all this writing going on, although while I'm doing this I'm watching Dr Who spin-off Torchwood out of the corner of my eye. Too early to say whether I like this adult-aimed show or not, although first impressions are that it's a piece of bad PR for Cardiff and a load of fantastical twaddle. The second episode has just started and contains several mild sex scenes, demonstrating that this certainly isn't for Dr Who's younger demograph.

Dragged two of the kids to the Ferens yesterday to browse around the Darkness Visible exhibition. They weren't too enamoured with the contemporary photographs, video and paintings, declaring them "boring", although I enjoyed a good 50 per cent of what was on offer and really appreciated the bean bags dotted around and about the installations. Although, at one point, I seriously struggled to get myself out of one. The Ferens is good but its staff are incredible miseries - the sort of curatorial grumps that make you feel completely unwelcome but, at the same time, quite tempted to slash big gaping wounds into the permanent collection.

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Benjamin said...

It was quite a boring exhibition really, wasn't it?