Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I can tell I'm getting close to actually writing something when the procrastination seriously sets in. So I'll take it as a good sign that last night I checked my sidebar links (they all work!), went bookmark crazy on del.icio.us, spent an inordinate amount of time mucking about with those fancy clouds and then thought better of most of the designs, aside from the pretty del.icio.us one that resides near the foot of the sidebar, registered with a couple more blog directories and generally pressed keys on the keyboard in a not very productive manner. Who knows when this stage will end and I can get on with a couple of weeks of getting moody, withdrawing from human interaction and feeling ill? And then, and only then, can the writing begin. Mind you, I have more research and planning to do before all that can really start, and a meeting to make sure that one of the projects has a home to go to, so I'm jumping the gun a tad. Back to the library today to mess with microfilm.

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