Saturday, October 07, 2006

Worst place...

A rather veiled attack on the city in the Sporting Life post-last night's success for Hull FC:

Hull may be supposedly the worst place in Britain to live but it is currently the best place to watch and play rugby league.

While Hull Kingston Rovers prepare for tomorrow's promotion decider against Widnes, neighbouring Hull FC celebrate reaching their first Super League Grand Final.

Still, as long as we've got rugby league we can just forget about living in filth and squalor, eh? And somewhat dodgy journalism (and I should know!) "may be supposedly"!? Hmmmf. Can't argue with it being the best place to watch a game of rugby league right now, though. Good luck to the red and white scum of Hull KR for Sunday.

Everyone has, apparently, got a novel in them. NaNoWriMo, via Writing Neuroses, looks a very interesting way to spit that book out on an unsuspecting world. I think I'll do it. Roll on November!

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bazza27 said...

I've travelled a bit (Swindon, Margate, Bournemouth) and if Hull is the worst place to live, my arse is a safety deposit box, so it's a big fuck off to all Hull detractors, and bugger off to your sad lives. A big yahaay for Hull FC, good luck to HKR and a big up for the mighty tigers as well. (sorry lost it a bit there, blame it on the vino and Dr John's bleedin' marathon)