Friday, November 10, 2006

Checkin' it out...

Ikea for breakfast and throws and curtains and quilt covers and sheets and meatballs and hot dogs. Queues are beginning to severely annoy me. Well, not so much the queues but the people that are in them. These days there is always someone behind me that thinks they can get the entire operation moving by standing in really close proximity. Today, a wrinkly old woman was gesticulating at a shelf full of cakes and, while doing so, kept touching me. Every time someone paid and moved away from the queue she moved closer and closer to me. It was 'orrible. But I didn't say anything.
The check outs in the Leeds Ikea are now separated into Cash Only and Cards Only. My mum had joined us for the excursion and wanted to pay with cash, while we were only carrying plastic. So, when we got to the tills, there was nothing else for it but to panic. We found adjacent Cash Only and Cards Only checkouts and went through a dazzlingly choreographed process of sorting out our mixed up trolley full of goods, throwing things across the aisle at each other. It was all far too over-complicated although I'm sure the store manager was delighted with his cash/card apartheid system.
After that we milled around the nearby Borders and I walked out with a book I've been eyeing for a few weeks - Ryu Murakami's 69. His books are published by Kodansha and the covers, typesetting and even the quality of the paper is always immensely appealing. The words of the other works of his I've read have never let me down, either, so I'm looking forward to getting stuck into this one.


Stephen Newton said...

Scroll right down to the bottom of this and you'll find a handy guide: 'How to get your Ikea bargain',,2-2005062977,00.html
It's worth it I promise!

Dave W said...

Fantastic stuff. Thanks, it's calmed me down!

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