Thursday, November 16, 2006

Chuckle vision...

Lots of frenzied activity in Hull city centre in readiness for the "big switch on" of all seven Christmas light fittings. The switch was due to be thrown by the Chuckle Brothers who are this year's panto stars in the city. Now, I'm a big fan of the Chuckles, but the amount of crash barriers going up to keep crowd and celebrity apart looked a bit extreme given that Chucklemania probably reached its peak a decade ago. The Chuckles were on that mildly amusing (mainly due to Steve Strange) Children In Need spin-off Celebrity Scissorhands last night, so anyone that did manage to get over the super-strength barrier will have noticed that Barry had beautifully manicured fingernails. The big internet thrill is that during their stay in Hull Barry and Paul will be blogging about their experiences of the city here.
Barry and Paul have two older brothers that also work as a comedy double act. Jimmy and Brian, otherwise known as The Patton Brothers, are also in panto this year, in Carlisle. Nothing amazing there, I know, but I was very excited to read that one of their co-stars is Neil Armstrong. Neil Armstrong?! Surely not the Neil Armstrong?

Watching: The Red Shoes

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Stephen Newton said...

Why are these things always so stilted? It's as if they're not used to writing in English: '...welcome to our Weblogs page, Its our first attempt this year at a Weblog...' and we have nothing to say.
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