Thursday, November 09, 2006

I don't want to talk about it...

Another meeting to discuss play ideas and meet the theatre's new literary development manager yesterday. Good stuff - cementing plans for future work and having some literary things developed and managed tentatively - and all very friendly and jolly and light-hearted and unpretentious. I still find it bordering on the impossible to articulate my thoughts on theatre and plays. I don't know what it is as I do have the grammar at my disposal after a decade as a theatre crit. It's just when I have to get specific about my ideas, I find myself totally unable to talk about them cohesively, preferring to thrust pieces of paper into people's hands and say "read that, it's all on there" instead. I wonder if I will always be like this or if there'll be some magical moment when I start waxing lyrical at ease and no longer feel self-conscious about being "a writer" when I'm in a room with very intelligent artistic types. I can talk for England in most situations, which only serves to leave me rather baffled by my lack of communication skills when it comes to the crunch.

I went to watch a play last night, although, to my shame, I can't actually remember what it was called. Valentine's Day, I think. (I was only invited to attend late yesterday afternoon, didn't know anything about it at all in advance and I can't check my ticket stub for the answer as my ticket was completely removed on entry). It was a piece of new writing involving a lot of jazz singing and set behind the scenes at a monumental masons (bizarre, eh?) and was performed at Hull College's big black box theatre in the Horncastle Building. Very 'ull, it all was, some funny lines, solid performances from an amateur cast. And sold out, to boot. Well done all. All the Hull faces were there - Radio Humberside's late night charmer David Reeves, the HDM's William Ramsey and Harriet Jones, Big Brother's Dan Bryan and that tall bloke with grey hair and a limp who looks like an actor that turns up for everything.

On the NaNoWriMo front, I've stumbled to just over 13,000 words. I don't think that's bad going for eight days. I missed another day and somehow have to claw my way back to 15,000 by end of play today. And all this while involved in all the research for plays and keeping two cats and a 30-year-old entertained. I am brilliant.

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