Thursday, November 30, 2006

Large package...

Today I publicly thank Michael Wakelin, one of a small, Jeremy Beadle-proportioned, couple of digits missing, handful of J Arthur Rank biographers and now the BBC's Head of Religion and Ethics over in Manchester, who sent me some rare recordings of Mr Rank through the post. It was a very impressive package, lots of cardboard and several miles of bubble wrap (the fun I'll have with that!) and within it were two chunks of 12" vinyl, with fancy silver labels as the recordings were of some prestigious event. Michael told me that he'd had the recordings on loan for ten years, having obtained them from a member of the Rank family when he was researching his lovely book J Arthur Rank: The Man Behind The Gong and would be glad for me to have them as he should have returned them to their rightful owner years ago. Ethical? Quite. Thanks Michael, you're a star and, should there be a knock at the door from a crack stolen 12" vinyl recovery team, I will certainly mention your name.

There's a wonderful little story on the Guardian's Media Monkey diary today about Radio Humberside that you might not have seen:

Agony Auntie Anyone who doubts that the BBC deserves an above-inflation increase in the licence fee should tune into BBC Radio Humberside. In a classic example of public service broadcasting at its best, the Paul Hartley show invited listeners to put questions to "relationship expert" Dawn Porter. In a message read out by the presenter, one listener complained that having sex with a woman he met at a holiday camp was "like putting the old lad in a bucket. It was like making love to a Wellington boot". Dawn - she's the relationship expert, remember - sympathised, saying she was not going to have any children because she would "not lose my elasticity for anybody". Her advice? "If he was frustrated he could also go for the rear entry." The BBC. This is what we do.

Great, eh? How come whenever I'm listening it's all about pruning your rhododendron or nutters phoning in to talk about asylum seekers? If there was more Dawn Porter there'd be no more flicking through the DAB channels for alternatives.

We have a very exciting day lined up tomorrow. We're off to see seals beaching in Lincolnshire. On a stretch of coast designated as a MoD bombing range. If we don't get bitten by blubbery things with big eyes we'll no doubt get blown to smithereens. Anyway, if you fancy joining us and like seals and being blown up, it's here. M informs me that once seals have given birth to their pups they are very anxious to have sex. So if you do make it you might want to bring your video camera, as I'm sure there's a massive profit to be made selling seal porn on the interweb. See you there!

Blimey, this was a very fruity post.

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