Saturday, November 18, 2006

Realy interesting...

The Chuckle Brothers' blog from Hull has started. And what a start!

Good Evening everyone... Well we have just got back from switching on the Lights at Hull, What a fantastic night. It was quite busy and loads of things to do. We turned the lights on at about 6.45 with the Lord Mayor Trevor Larsen. We got realy excited when we where also asked to visit the KC Stadium and we met City striker Nicky Forster and mascot Roary the Tiger.

I feel as if I know so much more about them now, don't you? For starters, they can't spell 'really', don't know the difference between 'were' and 'where' and don't quite know what to do with a comma or a capital letter. Other than those minor caveats, though, I really feel as if I was at the big switch-on and the KC Stadium with them. They wasted no time in posting the blog - it appeared a mere hour after the switch-on - which is amazing given how insightful an entry it is. This really is one to read regularly and I will probably save an offline copy of it all for future reference. Imagine what we could look forward to after the first night of Cinderella!

Good Evening everyone... Well we have just got back from the first knight of Panto. What a fantastic nite. It was quite bizzy and loads of things to do. We said our lines and got some laughs - some even in the right plaice - and noticed that Peter Levy, the news anchor from Look North, was sat in Row D. He invited us back to his house on Victoria Dock where we shared a huge mountain of cocaine before entertaining him with a naked, slightly saucy rendition of our classick "to me, to you" routine.

I am already dreaming of those daily updates from Paul and Barry.

Listening: Gram Parsons - Love Hurts.

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