Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sun goes down...

Between M's birthday celebrations I sat in a hotel room for an hour with an actor, watching clips from his still-to-be-released action film before he subjected me to a very impressive Muhammad Ali routine while, outside, the sun went down over Hull and a million fireworks were propelled into the sky 24 hours too soon. A funny, relaxing hour.
Then it was back for an Indian banquet. Too much food. Too much heat. It hurts.

Fell behind with NaNoWriMo after missing a day but have almost caught back up with the target. Clawed my way back to 7,136 words this morning and intend to finish tonight on 8,500. Meaning that, by tomorrow, providing I do the necessary, I'll be in five figures. The whole experience is not too taxing and borders on the almost enjoyable. I have parallel plots which won't converge until around the 20,000 word mark, which is quite useful; when I get bored with one I just move to the other.

Listening: Elastica - Stutter / Sarah Silverman - various comedy bits n pieces.

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