Thursday, November 23, 2006


Cast your eyes over in the direction of the side bar. Ladies and gentlemen, in the interests of tidying up that particular side of the screen, I give you the all new Toggle Menus!
Ain't they great? It's surprising just what improvements you can make to your blog while watching Jan Leeming's latest descent into insanity on I'm A Celebrity - a programme that doesn't require any thought nor hand gestures on the the viewer's part, thus leaving you free to work at the computer.
So, all you need to do to toggle the lists and make them visible is click on the header you're after cocking a snoop at. Admit it, you want them too, now, don't you? The power is in your hands - you can decide for yourselves how messy Killing Time looks.

On the local BBC radio tonight talking about the Rank play. I printed lots of notes out just in case I forget what it's all about which means that I will be walking into the studio with several reams of A4, three whopping great biographies and a collection of Rank films on DVD. Or, blimey and doomed to failure, I might just rely on my memory.

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