Thursday, November 09, 2006


Thanks to the sterling work of the Luftwaffe 60-odd years ago there are very few buildings in the centre of Hull that you would describe as tall - a mere handful are higher than three storeys. So it's with some wonderment that every time I look at the skyline of the main thoroughfare Ferensway the St Stephen's development appears to have reached dizzying new heights. I fear, however, that the plans must have been mixed up with some from New York or another vertically mobile metropolis - this thing, which, rather disappointingly, will be housing a new Tesco, is just going up and up and up, sort of like an East Yorkshire Tower of Babel. Naturally nobody around these parts is too impressed, instead being too bothered about the current traffic problems due to road closures to actually concede that, when it's finished, this slab of commercial property might actually be quite good.

Listening: Joe Purdy - California Girl

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