Sunday, November 26, 2006

Video cassette recorder shocker...

Such is the pace of life and the cheapness of DVDs that there's seldom any desire to use the VCR for recording stuff off the telly these days - a contrast to the peculiar period in time when I purchased my state-of-the-art Sony Betamax recorder and taped everything and anything that moved, typing up fancy labels and indexing it all. It was a sad couple of years. I don't know if you encounter this too or maybe you've just abandoned the VCR for TiVo or Sky+ or just filling up your PC/laptop's hard drive but when I went to pop a tape in just now I couldn't actually remember how the thing worked. There was a baffling few minutes when, well, I just stared at the bulky device in a bit of a panic in a moment of technology Alzheimer's . Then, just as quickly as it left me it came flooding back. But, as I look forward to tomorrow when I will be moving through the tape via fast forward and rewind and staring at the tape counter, it all seems so archaic.

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