Friday, December 08, 2006

Confidence in the making...

I was in the library the other day standing in a queue waiting to return some books. The gent at the head of the queue moved, very sheepishly, towards the counter and mumbled something quite incoherently to the battleaxe librarian. "What?" she yelped at him. He raised his voice, slightly, and I made out what he was saying on the next fly past. "Where could I find self-help books?" he whispered. "What do you mean, self-help?" she asked, talking so loudly that it appeared she was seeking an answer from everyone in the library. The man started to blush and shuffled about uncomfortably. "Improving your self-confidence. I mean...I think...improving your self confidence. To help me...that kind of book." This was obviously all very traumatic for the poor fella and he really did need the book. I hope I'm there the next time he heads to the library too - I look forward to watching him head straight to the section he needs with his head held high.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, that's so cruel. Uninteltional maybe, the Head Battleaxe needs to intervene here. Poor chap.