Thursday, December 21, 2006

Fit for nothing...

Out for Christmas drinks tonight so I'd already drawn the conclusion that tomorrow would just involve lots of moping about feeling sorry for the state I was in- ie. fit for nothing. But no, I am heading to local radio to chat about the Rank play and the Grants for Arts award. I shouldn't think I'll be at my best.

Simon Cowell's next project will be a talent search for a stage production of Grease. Thus illustrating that the man has never had an original thought, as the search for the new Sandy and Danny is quite obviously just a copy of How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria? Surely Cowell can't be allowed to rip off a format so shamelessly (although it didn't stop him with Pop Idol, did ii?) just because he's sidled up to Maria's David Ian? The show will go head-to-head with the Lloyd Webber search for a new technicolour dream coat-wearing Joseph on the BBC's Any Dream Will Do. All of these things are dreadful shite. Unfortunately, dreadful shite that people (who? who? who?) seem to watch in their droves. Can we not have Cowell and everyone involved shot asap?

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Anonymous said...

Originality is clearly overrated and being second to market is clearly more lucrative.

You've inspired me to write a play about a heroically decent rugby player and another on a great British pioneer of cinema.