Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Foggy thinking...

The fog is getting uncomfortably thick out there. Last night's sleep was, indeed, disrupted by fog warnings blasting out across the Humber. And I did think of the crew at Spurn, who had all agreed that their biggest fear is fog - "I'd rather go out in a Force 10," the coxswain had told me.
To Costa Coffee to have some Christmas caffeine and exchange cards with Truck's joint AD. We were joined by an actor from Christmas Crackers and I passed on my congrats. Costa Coffee had a range of special festive coffees - so we sat back in our leather armchairs and, with little fingers in the air, we sipped on our ladylike and, frankly, theatrical Ginger Lattes as we talked about the theatre. I had it confirmed - I thought I better before I get on with it - that the lifeboat play can have a cast of five - not quite Monsterist territory but it sure feels like a luxury to me. After seasonal hugs of the kind that only men completely comfortable with their sexuality can give each other, left to go and finish my Christmas shopping and buy some wine glasses, which means that wine will now not be slurped out of mugs on the big day. Decadent bastards, ain't we? As I walked back to the car I passed lots of people, who I assume must have finished work until 2007, wearing Christmas hats and started feeling very festive and jolly.

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