Friday, December 15, 2006

Past the point of falling down...

It used to be a jungle out there. Now, it's just one big old traffic jam. And, having agreed to pick up and deliver mother's freezer, one big old traffic jam that we ended up stuck in. Just where the fuck was everybody going today? I am developing a hatred for motoring and, with a new exhaust required and car tax due at the end of December, I am inclined to transfer ownership of the vehicle to Mr Gordon Brown and just dump the fucking thing in the middle of a motorway, spending the rest of my days going on much more relaxing walks. I can no longer abide the not getting anywhere, and the constant nagging in my mind that, while I'm idling away polluting the atmosphere and burning petrol that cost me a small fortune, my time would be much better spent elsewhere, far, far away from tarmac.

Listening: The View - Same Jeans / Blur - Out of Time

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Anonymous said...

You are right , of course.