Wednesday, December 20, 2006


To Hull Truck to see the new Godber joint. A packed house, no doubt a few of them lured by the shameless festive title Christmas Crackers. But, set outside a casualty department in Hull and on a haunted St Charles Bridge, Prague, it's a dark piece of work that wanders off from its realist opening into two acts of the German Expressionism so beloved by the author. I'd been warned that I'd be on the verge of slashing my wrists come the end. But no, I enjoyed what is clearly, the morning after, a well-crafted piece of theatre.

We got a letter from YEDL this morning apologising for the power outage at our property on Saturday. Very nice, but it must have been an infinitessimally small power cut as we didn't realise it had happened. Another apology in an email from holiday company First Choice, who had sent me a previous email aimed at making me purchase a holiday from them. But it appears my money ain't good enough for them. "This email was sent to you in error. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused." I'd deleted it immediately anyway. Tis the season to say sorry, I guess, so if I owe you one please accept my apology.

Not content with forcing appalling music acts and trash television on us Simon Cowell, a man who admits that he doesn't even listen to music (which explains a lot, really, doesn't it?), is now, according to the tabloids so it must be true, planning to take on Hollywood with his first film. I shudder at what this film might be like, when I think of the musical legacy of this former EMI post-room wanker. He has been responsible for recordings by the Power Rangers, Curiosity Killed the Cat, Sonia, 5ive, Westlife and, oh please, fuck off and die, Robson & Jerome. What possible contribution could this high-trousered talentless multi-millionaire make to cinema? Apart from, say, a really bad remake of the Carry On series, perhaps. Starring Sinitta, Michelle McManus and Ray Quinn. I bet he's never even seen a film.

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