Thursday, December 28, 2006

They tried to make me go to detox...

Well, here we go again. Christmas was cool and I'm currently sharing my head space with the Peter Cook miscellany How Very Interesting and the Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Book book. All read by the glow of my new reading light. Just three of some quite wonderful pressies (including Jabberwocky off the kids - woo hoo!). Like everyone else my body is suggesting that I need a serious detox but still have a fridge full of leftovers and several cans of Stella Artois to get through before that will become a reality. No work on either play until next week, when looming deadlines will back me into a corner and away from all that time idling away with David Lean and Powell & Pressburger films.

Check out my new sidebar. No sooner have the Christmas trimmings been ripped off the Killing Time banner than the site gets an ever-so-slight re-design. Lovely, those expandable buttons, aren't they? See what I can do with a few spare hours in the morning? I've got the postman to thank for that as he got me out of a deep slumber this merry morn. Anyway, if you want the code to do something similar on your own site, feel free to just hack away or ask me for it. I have great things planned for Killing Time 2007 - the podcast (the first attempt at aural magnificence lost during the terrible laptop blue screen of death trauma) will become a reality, there'll be a few videos making an appearance. Oh, yes, it will be a great year. Now, with that knowledge, you can really enjoy New Year's Eve/stay in, get fidgety thinking everyone's having the best time ever before falling asleep during Jools Holland's Hootenanny (Hootenanny!). See you next year. x

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