Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Writer's widow wanders...

I was the writer's widow today - M had a, well, I don't know what you'd call it really, a pre-development development meeting with a radio producer at the West Yorkshire Playhouse, so I provided transport and was left with an hour to wander through the streets of Leeds, taking in a McDonald's bacon cheeseburger and doing a bit of Christmas shopping. It rained, but then it always does when we go to Leeds. We were reunited - the meeting went swimmingly, apparently, and now M moves on to the next stage of development en route to a BBC radio drama - and, after more wandering up and down and not quite being able to work out which shopping mall we wanted to be in, we went for Japanese food at the quite fantastic Fuji Hiro on Wade Lane, which is not far from Leeds Met. Rapid service, ridiculously cheap prices and lovely food, it's a Killing Time recommended establishment. With a full stomach, breath smelling slightly of Asahi and a few noodle remnants between the teeth it was back to the shops and I picked up a nice polka dot shirt to wear and spill food and drink down at the theatre's Christmas party on Sunday.

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